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Athletic Scheduling

The Web-based Athletic Scheduler from rSchoolToday is the complete package for Athletic Directors and League Commissioners. The Athletic Scheduler was developed with high school ADs, Secretaries, and League Commissioners to match how you think and work. And with NO ADVERTISING on your calendar, see why so many have already switched!


"The Activity Scheduler has reduced the calls into our office by about 500 calls per month. This is incredible!”

Mark Solberg, AD, Cambridge-Isanti, MN


"I save the cost of the program each year easily just in postage, but the time-savings is enormous! I am hoping our whole state adopts this program because it just makes it so much better for all of us.”

Mark Gunderson, AD, MOC-Floyd Valley, IA


League Scheduling - The Athletic Scheduler includes free League Scheduling. All games share intelligently across the whole conference or league.

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“On Parents night, they gave me a standing ovation when I showed our new Activity Scheduler and all the things parents could get themselves."
Ray Kosey, Athletic Director, Superior, WI

School Calendar

rSchoolToday is also the perfect Web-based school calendar for your academics, fine arts, meetings, clubs, and practice schedules. The Activity Scheduler puts ALL activities on one calendar for your public, but one click lets you see just an Athletics calendar or a Fine Arts calendar or a Middle School calendar.


Schedules can also be downloaded to your iPhone, Blackberry, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, RSS, Smart Phones, Palm, iCAL, Pocket PC, Excel, etc.


“I like that there is NO advertising on our calendar! We are very glad we switched from another program. rSchoolToday offers outstanding features and is very user-friendly. Your techs are patient, knowledgeable, and responsive!"

Joe Kutlas, A.D., Grand Island, NE


“We have introduced rSchoolToday to our fan base and parents and it is flying off the ground! We are getting lots of positive comments."

Pam Simpson, Activity Secretary, Belgrade, MT

"The rSchoolToday calendar is so slick! I was able to do 7 months worth of schedules in 3 hours. I just love it.”
Kathy Comer, Activities Secretary, Lakeville, MN

Integrated School Programs

our school today integrated applications

"Going with rSchoolToday was the best decision we've made!”

Cindy Ziegler, Technology Coordinator, C-FC Schools, WI

Each rSchoolToday program shares data with the others instantly, eliminating the entry of data in multiple different programs!


The Athletic Scheduler shares data instantly with the Facilities Scheduler, Team Websites, School Websites, and the School Store for online fee payments and logo wear orders.


Finding more of what you need from one company makes life easier for you and your tech staff.



"You guys have the best product and customer service on the market. This has been the best technology partnership we have ever been involved with. Thanks!”

Mike Gorman, Southwest Allen County Schools, Fort Wayne, IN

Athletic Scheduler Features

Integrated Applications from rSchoolToday

  • Schedules automatically shared with all member schools
  • Paperless game and official contracts
  • Student information, eligibility and awards creator
  • Roster and scores share with all member schools
  • Automatic email reminders
  • Instant notifications with all schedule changes
  • Lightning fast at creating lower level schedules
  • Shares data instantly with other school applications